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Fraud Investigations

Fraud detection is a specialized area that we describe as more of an art than a science.  Education is vital in this area and needs to be an on going effort if fraud is to be detected properly.

J.M.C. Security & Investigations Inc. invests time in seminars on a regular basis and trains all staff Investigators in the latest information and technology available.

J.M.C. Security & Investigations Inc. believes that relationships between police and security are a vital part in combating fraud.  We have a great relationship with the York Police Fraud Squad that we believe can be helpful in many areas.

Internal frauds and thefts are always a threat to business owners but the right education can prove to be a key ingredient in fighting this type of crime.

Retail Areas of Concern:

  • Refunds
  • Exchanges
  • Credit Card frauds
  • Double entries / walk out with merchandise and identical receipt
  • Internal breaches with cashiers

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