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Additional Training

Training for New Security Guards/Private Investigators, and Additional and Advanced Training

J.M.C. Security & Investigations Inc. is an industry leader in developing young minds within the security field. J.M.C. Security & Investigations Inc. takes great pride in the type of trainers hired by the company and the training that is offered on an ongoing basis. Whether it’s your first time diving into the industry or whether you are a seasoned veteran of the streets,J.M.C. Security & Investigations Inc. has a program for you, designed to strengthen your skills and give you the confidence and knowledge you will need when dealing with the public. Current and retired members of Police Services, will lecture and provide hands on training in different areas of law enforcement techniques. Techniques designed to heighten your awareness skills, investigate crime and develop you into a true security professional. The following is a basic list of what you can experience when signing up for a program designed to fit your needs. You will note that we do not ask you to commit to expensive and long programs but rather pick and choose what you want to experience as a Security Guard or Private Investigator….

1. Vehicle Stops and Approaches
The student will be seated in a real police car and will listen to calls that will be broadcasted over an internal radio system. The student will then make an emergency vehicle stop in order to investigate occupants of a suspicious vehicle.

The student will exit the patrol vehicle and approach an actual vehicle with several occupants in it. Different scenarios will give the student an idea of how dangerous an approach on a vehicle could be. The student will be taught assessment measures that will assist in keeping them safe while engaged in this type scenario.

The student will activate the cruisers emergency lighting combined with a siren effect and will then be trained on how to approach a vehicle. This exercise although a little advanced for a security guard, will at the very least teach the student to be safe while approaching vehicles that are occupied in a parking lot environment.

2. Use of Force/Self Defence
The student will undergo training in handcuffing and baton tactics instructed by a police officer who is recognized by the O.P.P.  as a Use of Force Instructor. This program is a certificate program that requires refresher courses. The student will then learn the use of force guidance chart that will assist in determining the type of threat that the guard is up against.

3. Patrol Techniques
The student will learn how to patrol using both a vehicle and foot scenarios. This type of training will allow the student to develop a keen sense of observation and will effectively teach how important patrol patterns can be.

4. Report Writing
The student will learn to assess information and insert the information into a report form. This exercise will allow the student to develop a pattern that should ease them through the dreaded report writing syndrome. The client will recognize that the report writer is worth the money that they are spending and will allow your company some much overdue credit.

5. Memo Book writing
This exercise will teach the student to use only pertinent information while taking notes and will also introduce the student to statement taking.

Far too often, Security Guards fill their memo books with information that will never be used and in some cases will confuse the investigation to the point of failure. The student should be able to supply factual information in court that will keep them from looking like amateurs on the stand.

6. Powers Of Arrest/Criminal Code
This area will be taught by seasoned veterans of a police service that will instruct the student in the basic and advanced techniques of the criminal code and arrests procedures. Far too often, Security personnel engage in unlawful arrest that have to be dealt with by the police. The student will be taught to approach every situation with a c.y.a. approach. Every arrest has to be fair and most importantly of all,  Lawful . This type of training will keep your company out of the civil action forum and will protect the Guards and your clients.

7. Ethnic Diversity Training
As your company advances into the new wave of security and our population grows, your guards will be called upon to learn different customs and behavioural patterns of our wonderful ethnic communities. The student will undergo a lecture exposing them to the inner workings of this topic.

8. Preparing evidence for court
9. Giving evidence in court
10. Mock Trial and Lecture

You can simply register for these courses one at a time or take advantage of enrolling in a bundle menu and save time and money. Contacting the main number for J.M.C. Security & Investigations Inc. will be your first step in becoming a true security professional.


Training at a Glance

- vehicle stops and approaches
- Use of Force/self defence
- patrol techniques
- report writing
- memo book writing
- Powers of Arrest/Criminal Code
- ethnic diversity training
- preparing evidence for court
- giving evidence in court
- mock trial and lecture

We also offer standard first aid cpr - c + aed training


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