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Case Log Management

One of the most important areas of loss prevention is to determine how and when a person should be detained for shoplifting. Today’s laws are clear on what constitutes a theft.


All Investigators at J.M.C. Security & Investigations Inc. will ensure the following areas exist before detaining a person or persons.

  • Continuity of the offence
  • Items moved or concealed from original areas of sale
  • No attempts to pay for item or items were made after last point of purchase.

Case Management / Apprehension Process

The second part of the apprehension process is to identify and deliver forthwith to the police any person apprehended.  This process ensures the back up of information and evidence and that such evidence is obtained and recorded by police in the event that a party makes a false allegation pertaining to their involvement at a later date. In the course of a civil suit being commenced against anyone involved in the apprehension process, police will be able to attend and give evidence pertaining to their observations of the apprehended person and evidence.


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